Tuesday, July 11, 2023

New World Season 2 Keeping Me Busy

 New World Season 2 is full of stuff to do.  While there is the big stuff like the game's first raid, first 10-man trial, new PvP arena map and cross-server OPR I am finding myself busy with everything else.

 First the story quest line of season 2 is OK.  It is nothing to write home about but it's at least interesting enough to hold my attention.  It is dotted with a couple solo-trials (mini dungeons you go into by yourself) which were actually complex enough to make me pause and figure out the fight mechanics.  I will take more of these solo trials if anyone at AGS is listening!

 Next I have been working on ultimate combat trophies.  Each trophy requires one each of the six major combat trophies along with 45,000 gold and 100,000 faction tokens to purchase the ultimate upgrade component (+ your furnishing skill has to be leveled up).  Between major trophies and the 45k gold for the upgrade component; that is about 150k gold per trophy.  I have two the ultimate combat trophies done and just grinding the faction tokesn for the third.  Then I'll get started on ultimate crafting and refining trophies.

 The season journey is also full of tasks that my completionist-self must check off.  Currently working on capping 8 forts. 

 Azoth Salt is now a much needed resource.  This PvP currency used to be something I had at cap at almost all times, but now with the PvP track rewards updated I have found myself at close to zero salt multiple times now.  The new legendary gear rewards on the track are very enticing and cost a good bit of salt.  

 We've also been rocking the portals daily in my company.  The rewards are much improved (at least the gear that drops; still stingy on the materials for corrupted lodestones).

 I may get around to the 10-man trial, The Hatchery, but doubt I'll get to the 20 man sandwurm raid.  Seems it will be hard for organized groups let alone random pick up groups.  Maybe if the company I am rolling with gets around to it I'll give it a whirl but not sure yet.

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