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New World Daily Checklist (Updated for Season 2)

This post last updated 9/25/2023 for active event changes

 Recently I've seen more and more new or returning players to New World asking "what should I get done every day?".  New World has "daily chores" to a degree but not in a way of "daily quests" that other MMOs feature.  New World players have to have the knowledge of what to do as it is not well explained in game what daily rewards there are.  

Here is my checklist I play by every day:
Note: this list is geared towards a solo player that is level 60 and 600+ gear score.

  • 3x Faction Missions
  • Daily gypsum (up to 10 orbs a day which at 625 gear score is 4,000 umbral shards a day)
    • 2x Emerald (refining/gathering)
    • 15x Topaz (potion + kill level 55+ enemies)
    • 6x Obsidian (kill named open world bosses)
    • 3-6x Diamond (varies over time)
    • 2x Garnet (pvp arenas)
  • Daily legendary refining
    • Asmodeum
    • Runic Leather
    • Phoenix Weave
    • Glittering Ebony
    • Runestone
  • Event actions
    • Update 8/17 - Luck of the Bones event - kill Rafflebones at a portal up to 3x times for shards and random drops.

For more details on these items read below.

Daily faction quests

The first 3 faction quests you complete each day grant bonus faction tokens, bonus gold, and experience.  To maximize the output each day I recommend:

  • Get 3x bags with "Loyalty" which increases faction tokens earned (+14% tokens!)
  • Dedicate 1 of your 3 houses to a town where you increase faction token gain rate with your town cards (for me it's Ebonscale Reach and I have 36%+ extra tokens)
  • Don't be afraid to do the PvP faction missions.  
    • They are generally the easiest to do and in many cities grant the highest returns (for example in Ebonscale I get 8,000 tokens per PvP mission vs at most 6,000 for PvE).
    • The PvP missions are static so are the same mission each time.  2 of the 3 PvP missions will be in the same area and one at the fort's war camp.  I always do 4x a day; skipping the war camp/fort mission and taking the other two twice.  It takes me 10-15 minutes and I net 20k+ tokens, PvP experience, and 500+ gold.
    • PLUS you gain PvP experience which can unlock PvP tracks that now have great rewards.

Daily gypsum

Gypsum is turned into gypsum casts.  Casts turn into either expertise bumps or after 600 expertise turn into umbral shards (a cast for a 625 expertise slot gives 400 umbral shards!). There are daily limits on the number of gypsum you can gain via certain activities.  Having a plan can maximize your daily umbral shard gain. As a baseline with 625 expertise across the board I am netting at least 4,000 umbral shards a day via solo play.  It takes me maybe an hour at most to cycle through these and many are done in conjunction with the other daily items I noted.

Here is the gypsum I target each day

  • 2x Emerald (refining/gathering)
    • As you are out doing other stuff make sure to gather.  If you are 200 gathering and gain an aptitude you get an emerald gypsum.
    • The other way to get emerald is from refining at 200 and gaining an aptitude level.  You likely hit 2x of these a day doing legendary material refining.
  • 15x Topaz (potion + kill level 55+ enemies)
    • I drink a potion before I do faction missions in Ebonscale Reach.  Then I usually have to hit a couple hot spots to get to 15.
  • 6x Obsidian (kill named open world bosses)
    • I just hit the named bosses in Ebonscale reach as I do my topaz and faction missions.  If you do elite chest runs you likely will hit this as well.
  • 3-6x Diamond (varies over time)
    • Depends on the current event on where you get diamond and how much you get.  It is almost always the easiest of gypsum to get.
  • 2x Garnet (pvp arenas)
    • For a little bit of your time you an get 2x garnet from PvP arenas.  If you don't like arenas then don't do it.  
    • +reward crate for the first two arenas daily
    • +pvp experience

A couple other easy to get but require a group or more time:

  • Level 66 portals - 14 gypsum = 2 orb
    • Portals have increased rewards with S2 but I still find them very unrewarding for time spent; you can painfully -- slowly -- solo them if you really wanted
  • PvE arenas - 2 gypsum = 2 orbs
  • Outpost Rush (10-40 minutes required) - 3 ruby gypsum = 3 orbs
    • +rewards crate with good PvP gear
    • +faction tokens, gold, and PvP experience
  • Expeditions (regular or mutation) = 2 gypsum = 2 orbs

Daily refining

If you have 200 refining you should be refining 10x of each legendary material per day (asmodeum, runic leather, phoenixweave, and glittering ebony -- runestone if you can swing the materials).  Since these are time gated and only 10 can be done per day per player they are always in demand.  You need to check prices and proactively place buy orders for materials so you aren't spending more on materials than the refined material is worth.  Or you can do it just when you've gathered materials yourself.  

You can also try to sell your daily cooldowns.  While not as popular as it once was there are still players out there that will buy your cooldowns and give you the materials + some gold to refine them.  You can usually keep any bonus refined items.

Bonus: if your faction owns Weaver's Fen fort you get +10% yield.  If time permits go over and cap it; most fort caps are uncontested.  I usually just run over and afk and it is capped when I get back.

Daily event

New World has events happening almost all the time.  

9/25/2023 Update - Luck of the Bones ended a couple weeks ago and the Siege of Sulfur event is live.  The event gives named and randomized item rewards as well as umbral shards and obsidian gypsum.  The first three times you do it per day grant a bonus rewards chest.

The event has been extended to end closer to the 10/3 expansion launch.

I have folded doing this event into my daily rotation even though the named items and umbral shards are not worth much.  The mean reason is because of dark matter that will become a central currency in Season 3 and beyond.  The purple rewards cache, if saved and opened after Season 3 is live, is rumored to drop dark matter instead of umbral shards.  Additionally the named items should auto update to 625 and thus when salvaged have opportunity at dropping more dark matter.

None of this is really hard confirmed but everything from the PTR data dumps says holding out for dark matter is the right call.

Old detail crossed out below: 

8/17/2023 Update - The Summer Medley Faire is over.  The new Luck of the Bones event is active.  See this Reddit post for the breakdown and what rewards are available.


Currently it is the Summer Medley Faire.  For this event the main item I take care of daily is to visit each town and get a basket.  Each basket comes with event tokens +  50-200 gold.  There are 11 towns to visit so that is an EASY 1,000+ gold per day every day of the event.  If you have no use for the tokens you can buy the event patterns (green or GS600) and sell them on the trading post.  This is easy money folks!

Also currently you can get 3x sportsman baskets from skinning animals.  This takes a few minutes at most and gets a bunch of cooking supplies which are easy to sell or useful if you cook your own supplies.  Additionally grants diamond gypsum if you didn't get that from the event.

Other events will be to kill a world boss which you need to evaluate if you want the rewards or if you can get something worthwhile from.

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