Monday, July 03, 2023

New World Gear Reset: More Details?

 As we've talked about before on this blog there is an impending gear reset in New World, but we are still waiting on any sort of detail related to the gear reset.  This leaves the community guessing and looking for any obfuscated details in other updates.  While I was out the last week there was exciting news that I think speak to part of the gear reset.

 In a recent Forged in Aeternum video (specifically the 6:12 mark) the team announced they are planning to get rid of the ward and bane system.  Resilient was also mentioned in the answer which leads us to believe that will also get axed.

 Not only is this delivering on one of the top community-requested changes, but I firmly believe this is the first major piece of the gear reset puzzle.  I cannot fathom they would make this level of change outside of a major release and as Season 2 is just around the corner (7/6) it makes sense that we will see these major changes with Season 3.

 As the road map already showed "gear score increase" for Season 3 and it was indicated to include a new gear progression system it makes complete sense we will see ward/bane/resilient changes during Season 3.  While making this logical connection doesn't unearth specific details it does show us that the developers are looking to make big changes.

 In conclusion: buckle up buttercup; it's about to get bumpy!

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