Saturday, October 07, 2023

Day 2: Rise of the Angry Earth (Level 65, Featherweight, and more!)

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 After taking a day offline due to a Spectrum outage I returned to New World's expansion: Rise of the Angry Earth.  We marked a few accomplishments.

 Ding! Level 65!  I missed the screenshot to capture the moment which is not surprising as it flew past.  I don't really understand why they added the levels if they were going to be so easy to achieve.  I don't want a big long grind, but this was just pointless number inflation and now I'm right back where I was at level 60 with a map full of quest icons that are mostly meaningless as the XP gained from completing them goes into a blackhole.  I'd recommend AGS look at the mastery system from Guild Wars 2 as a way to make general XP worthwhile after max level.

 Next I snagged my first artifact: Featherweight!  This dropped for me on the first kill of the named open world boss that drops it.  I feel sorry for folks farming this for hours on end, but hey sometimes you just get lucky.

 For those following along this means I am now in the Elysian Wilds zone playing through the expansion's storyline.  It is moving along quickly and I am not hitting some of the slowdowns that other players faced with the crush of players on launch day.  Quests that can only be completed one player at a time were open to me with no waiting lines.  In general I am enjoying the zone (screenshots below), but the story is click through material (i.e. boring).  One part I do like is the Angry Earth chick talking to me; the audio is great and really feels like it is inside my head!

 Check out some of my screenshots from Day 2!

new world elysian wilds
Into the Elysian Wilds we go!
new world elysian wilds
A cool hideout in old First Light; the story could of done more with this location.

new world elysian wilds
A tower off in the distance I need to check out still.

new world elysian wilds
Still burning stuff with the flamethrower!

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