Monday, October 16, 2023

New World "health perk" rant

The health perk is dumb for armor in New World.

It is baseline mandatory just like ward and resilient were.  Its only benefit is it works across PvP and PvE equally.  It is also something that could have easily been baked in.

Now the perk mod for crafting, adamant, is so rare it is going for 60,000+ gold on most servers.  It would be one thing if something like the old resilient perk mod or the amulet perk mod for health worked, but no we got a new perk that is impossible to get.

Also this totally takes the fun out of so many armor artifacts that don't come with health... you have to use the free perk slot to slot in health as you are literally at a disadvantage if you don't stack 5x health.  Just pointless to give us flexibility only to have a new mandatory perk.

Additionally we are right back with a bunch of randomly dropped gear that is mostly worthless if it doesn't have the health perk... just like anything without resilient or ward were worthless before.

I can't imagine I'm the only one frustrated by this!?  I don't get why they went this route.


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