Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Day 4: Rise of the Angry Earth (MSQ, PvP Arenas, and Outpost Rush)

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 For my fourth day in Rise of the Angry Earth I finished off the main story quest (MSQ) and did some PvP arenas and a round of outpost rush (OPR).  I had fun.  Lots of fun!

 I pushed through the MSQ for the new zone, Elysian Wilds, and wrapped it up.  The story was click-through material (something, something, Medusa... mammoths...) and other than some amazing visuals it was forgettable.  I respect the effort the team put into the story, but as I've said before about all the MSQ reworks I am not a big fan of the new story-line with King Arthur and now apparently Greek stuff.  I really miss the original concept of discovery-era "new world" and a bunch of mystery about Aeternum.

 Part of the MSQ was a series of single player trials which were like dungeon boss fights.  Unfortunately they were stupid simple to beat and I was not challenged in any aspect.  This can be said about most of the new zone as well; there is zero sense of danger.  I was able to complete the MSQ and solo trials with my 625 gear.  I have NOT upgraded a single piece of gear.  I get that AGS wants the game to be approachable but this is too easy and gave zero incentive to progress my character which left me feeling like I accomplished nothing (remember, I was already level 65 before starting this just from other activities).

 To celebrate finishing off the MSQ I jumped into some PvP content.  First I did some 3v3 arenas and went on a stellar 7-0 run!  The mode scales gear score up to 670 so my prior 625 gear has been more than sufficient.  Other than a couple opponents I honestly feel my build is as strong as it was prior to the expansion.  I feel no pressure to upgrade my gear.

 This was reaffirmed by playing my first post-expansion OPR and I finished in the top 10 with a good  number of kills and high damage.  We lost the match 900 to 1000 so it was a long match.  Like 3v3 arenas, OPR scales players up to 670 gear score.  At this stage of the expansion this seems sufficient for a good experience even in my 625 gear.  I won multiple 1v1s and got into (and out of!) multiple clump fights.

 I am sure as time goes on more and more players will be 700 GS and my 625 up-scaled to 670 gear will start to show its age, but I think that is still a bit off into the future so like I said yesterday, "I'm taking it easy!".  No rush here and will enjoy a more planned out upgrade path for my "Wheelchair mage" build.

 Day 4 screenshots!

new world
Yadda... yadda.. click... click

new world
I think this means I did something important

new world
I win the main story!

new world
I don't know what this does in the new Savage Divide expedition but I just had to click it!


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