Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Day 5: Rise of the Angry Earth (So much to do!)

  Read about all of my Rise of the Angry Earth experiences here.

  In my fifth day of playing Rise of the Angry Earth and Season 3 in New World I have come to realize I have so much to do!  In fact it's time to put a bullet list together on what I'm working on!

  • Farming for Serenity artifact greatsword - rewarded on the PvP tracks; doing PvP arenas
  • Finishing side quests in Elysian Wilds
  • Working on a DPS PvE build and gear set
    • Spear / Greatsword (hence the Serenty farming)
    • Want to get at least a 675+ GS set for mutations
  •  Level artifacts (you have to complete mini quests to unlock all the perks)
  • Riding leveling
  • Riding races
  • So much more!

  No screenshot dump today but I do have a show and tell for the class!  Look at that KD ratio on the arena leaderboard!

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