Monday, October 10, 2005

My BF2 video @ Google videos!

Checking around the net and did a search for "BF2" on Google Videos. Here is my result.

I had submitted this video a long time ago (See original post here) and for some reason I was never able to see it or get it to show on a video search. Even the link that google provided for the video did not work! So I wrote Google's free video hosting service as a broken tool.

Lo' and behold... it works. Will have to see why it took forever to display via Google Video and possibly use it for more uploads.


  1. Hiya, Heartless. I added a link to HG and your Review site to Video Card Review. They are both excellent blogs. I'll definitely be coming back to see what's on your mind. Haven't read it yet, but will be checking out the WoW review that you wrote on HG Reviews.

  2. Its an in process review that I never sat down to finish :P

    I will have it done sometime... busy with work, hurricanes, and now the earthquake in Pakistan.


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