Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blizzard never fails to tease!

So, rampant speculation about World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion is all over the net, but then a Blizzard poster has to go and drop this little tidbit on us.
"We're going to be showcasing the starting area of a race. We won't be revealing all our secrets. ;)"- Caydiem
On a side note... anyone notice how fast any thread a Blizzard employee posts in gets to 10+ pages?


  1. Ok, thats confirmation I guess. :)

    I hope it balances well.


  2. Well I love playing Alts.... I am only worried I will have to delete one of mine to make room?

    We will have to see... or it just means I go to another server :P

  3. Thanks for your comment. Speaking from personal experience, are you? :)

  4. I play alts all the time now since the PvP ranks don't require so much god damn attention to advance anymore :)


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