Sunday, October 16, 2005

Responses to MO3


World of Warcraft board warriors unite! Enjoy! Here are some highlights...
"If its on the internet, it must be true.
Its really that no one gives a $!@% about your blog, nor do they want to read it.
You want to make a post about something, post here.
BTW, make a name for yourself in PvP before you comment on how good it is or how much it sucks.
5 minutes in AB doesnt make you a professor on the subject." - Bigbear
"Well, everyone in upper pvp ranks keeps up with each other, that how they knew Razor would get high, they keep pushing till boodah gets it, then mags and tanaki, they take time off so they don't pass each other up, dunno.

Not entering av had a positive outcome on that lol, oh well, there are so many things wrong, I don't care anymore." - Enmity


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Heartless, one might suggest that you have it in your power to join an uber guild, become part of an organized Battleground pharming group and engage in the same activity.

    A quote from one of your posts: "Arranged teams can have their own little playground while the rest of us who want to actually play a fair match can go into the random queue"

    Well Blizzard might say that if you were to organize a group and then play, that it would become a fair match, and that's how they wish you to play the game.

    Anyways, I actually agree with you that Battlegrounds are messed up beyond belief for non-hardcore players.

    Several servers have hours of wait time to even ENTER a BG.

    With the introduction of more and more BG's, there will be less and less available players for all the BG types.

    With the BG's being instances, there is no impact on the world. No real reason to play other than get 'points' that you can then use to get 'uber gear'.


  2. Your points are very valid. That is why I bring up the point of equal opportunity. If Blizzard wants the game to be required grouping or nothing at all... then bye bye most casual gamers.

    Or worse yet they develop content for the uber guilds that plow through it in a week and then demand more instead of developing balanced content that casual gamers and hardcore gamers can enjoy for a longer period of time.

    PvP content works that way. The longer that casual gamers remain interested in the PvP content... the longer the hardcore will have targets.

    But that doesn't mean the PvP content has to be stilted to the hardcores favor because they can put their pwner group in place.

    I don't have an uber guild and I won't be joining one anytime soon... as I imagine the majority of WoW players fall under the same category.


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