Monday, October 17, 2005

Now I'm an eBay gold seller...

Update: 5 Nov, 2006 - Removed post, but this will be kept as a placeholder for historical value.
This post contained a picture of a conversation where someone in World of Warcraft accused me of being an eBay Gold Seller.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM


    Wow...what server are you on? :)

  2. omg some people have no clue. You've been keeping most of us at apprised of what to set things for at the auction for months now.

    Never knew that if you spent 10-20 hrs in game a week you were an ebayer, that's interesting :P

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Nothing to do with your post...

    I noticed you have a list of games you currently enjoy on the right...

    Uhm... all first person shooters?

    I played Counterstrike for years (before Source)... and I heard good things about Day of Defeat, so I'll let those slide...

    Battlefield 2? Are you insane?!

    Battlefield 1 was great. Although it had some issues.
    Battlefield 2 is a DISASTER!

    I own it, and I remember 'death from above' coming and killing me all the time with no real chance to run.
    It was artillery fire, the 'god' weapon.

    At first I just got mad and stopped playing.

    However then I said, if the artillery fire is hurting so badly, I have it in my power to go take out them guns!

    So off I went, I got to their guns and blew them up good.

    All of a sudden from the sky comes this 'box' and the guns reappear instanty and begin firing.

    WTF I said?

    So I blew them up again!

    Here comes another box, and boom the guns are back up.
    Nobody around me.

    I blew them up a third time, now I'm out of explosives.

    Another box, and the guns are up and firing again.

    Since when did this crazy technology become available?

    Also.. I noticed I got ZERO points in anything for blowing up the guns.

    Can you say stupid?

  4. You get points for blowing up guns now :) I don't agree with the box repairs either, but you gott aget them a hell of a lot closer now. Wind tends to drift them sometimes.

    I also play almost exclusively on small infantry servers. #2 server :)

    Its a great game with friends... sucky if you try to solo it all the time. I play with friends usually from


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