Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Game Worlds - bojoism blog

Technorati.com is becoming my new favorite website to waste time on. I've spent a good chunk of time just searching millions of blogs around the net for my favorite topics: MMORPGs and gaming!

So tonight I found a blog post about MMORPG game worlds. (Removed broken link to original article.)

A little preview;
"The simple truth is that this genre is stagnant. In my opinion it will ultimately take complex variations of A.I. to generate and run a world dynamic enough that the 2,000 “heros” on a server aren’t the only things that make the world seem truly alive. NPC interaction should be just as important as player interaction, although players should have priority on how earth shattering their decisions are in relation to the world, since they are after all the heros.";
And my response:

Stagnant is very true!

I wouldn’t say WoW is innovative in anyway at all. It is simpler, more attainable, and straight forward. That is a better description for their removal of so many tedius things that plague other MMORPGs. Sadly at level 60 that world changes and WoW is EXACTLY the same as any other MMORPG with a grind.

Here is my firm belief on SWG. It needed to have the economy of EVE online and the action of an FPS. Add in exciting space combat that EVE lacks and you have a killer game. If you try real hard you could play both and imagine they are a *single* game.

Static worlds is another downfall of WoW. So much potential with the recent plague that hit and Blizzard failed to provide anything fun to do with it. They could of created quests for cures or quests to escort doctors from far away lands. Sadly Blizzard doesn’t develop like that and I seriously doubt live events will ever occur in WoW like promised. And if live events do occur they will be relatively canned experiences.

A good MMORPG needs to be about the business as much as it is about the game. If the business model fails then the game will also. If the game fails then so does the business. However, good business practices can keep crappy games a float for a little bit. SWG is a perfect example of a brand name supporting an MMORPG. Getting a license for hot brand names is good business.

Play what you enjoy. I am pissed at myself for being so addicted to WoW and that I just can’t shake it. I end up logging out in anger more than anything. I play on my alts a lot which is pretty fun, but I have no drive since I have a 60 Shaman already.

On a side note; the best thing about blogs is they let us play with those “perfect MMO” ideas with like minded people."

Update: 10 Nov, 2006 - Removed broken link, edited post, and applied labels.


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Cool blog you have here. My name is Tyler and you visited my blog. Thanks for the visit, nice to know that people read my stuff. Now, I just need mine to look as good as yours...

  2. Haha... I am working on the look :P May also be moving it elsewhere, but don't know yet :P

    Also I use Technorati.com now... great tool. Search millions of blogs and keep watch lists of my favorite topics. I surf through 100's of log posts a day and leave replies on the good stuff :)


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