Thursday, October 13, 2005

WoW expansion speculation

Well the internet chat wires are full of rumors of what two new races World of Warcraft will have in their upcoming expansion. Just a couple things I wanted to say... without fueling the fire to a specific race.

1. The new races don't need to "balance" out Alliance vs Horde. Horde does not need to get a "pretty" race to balance out NEs. The Horde does not need to get a "short" race to even out Gnomes. The Alliance does not need a "big" race to even out Taurens. This is the sort of thinking that lead to cookie cutter racial traits instead of varied and unique traits.
"They still haven't even told us if the races are specifically aligned with one side." - Heartless_
2. Goblins could be a new race. They still haven't even told us if the races are specifically aligned with one side. I'd like you to find anywhere where they said they have! Goblins could very well be a new race that BOTH sides got to play. Goblins would then be neutral and could attack both sides. However they could ally themselves with one side to visit their cities, but to become friendly with both Alliance and Horde would be a very difficult task! We could essentially wind up with TWO new races like this!


  1. About new races, has this been confirmed that there will be one? Of some sort?

    This seems to be something everyone says will happen. But I don't know if that is true, maybe its just me, and I am new to MMO's but I dunno what I think about there being a whole new race.

    I am more interested in things I can do with my character I have already put a lot of time into.

    I am not a big fan of alts, so maybe thats why.

    I would not look forword to *everyone* haveing a "pandarin" or "goblin" alt.



  2. Sadly I have to inform you that there will be 2 races with the expansion.

    I prefer them building on what already is in game, but the only sensible way to enjoy WoW is through leveling up alts I'm afraid.

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Damn, another two races?! Hmmm, I suppose more fun leveling up alts etc, but still, getting slightly complicated....(considering I have yet to make my first Alt, eek)

  4. Alts are the only thing saving me and most of my casual guild :P


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