Monday, December 03, 2007

Blizzard and Activision Merge

Big news today: Blizzard and Activision Announce Merger.
Activision and Blizzard have said they will form "the world's most profitable games business" in a deal worth $18.8bn
This could mean a lot, but most likely this is just an "on paper" company. I am guessing that each company will stay seperate and produce their own titles in the same manor as they have been doing. Some resources will be brought together, but I can't see any major changes out of this.


  1. As one of my friends remarked it could have unforseen effects in the future though. Like Call of Duty 5: The Hive Wars. Perfect set up for the Starcraft MMO especially since Blizzard's Ghost got cancelled.

  2. Do not blaspheme my favorite FPS series. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Blizzard get some help producing Starcraft Ghost from the Call of Duty folks.

    I haven't really researched what is all included in Activision's portfolio, so it is pretty tough for me to even pull out names of their top games.

    Anyways, all things are pointing towards a "paper merger" and nothing more. Fun to speculate though :)

  3. From what I've been able to gather Activision owns two really successful franchises: Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. However, a good portion of the rest of the games they release are bad movie tie in games. I think they've done a game for every movie based on a comic/cartoon over the last 5 years.

    What EA is to sports games, Activision is to movie games. It would be nice though if they could provide Blizzard with some muscle for getting their games out on time. I do want Starcraft 2 before the year 2012.


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