Saturday, December 08, 2007

OMG Parenting

Recently, Dr. Phil attacked the problem of MMORPG addiction in teenagers. Surprisingly, he hits the nail on the head to solve the problem. Instead of blaming the game, he correctly points out that the parents need to control the situation and their child.
Dr. Phil is baffled. "Four hours a day? It's ridiculous!" he says. "Mom, you've got to step up and shut this down. Once she's at a point where she can play the game instead of being absorbed in the game, then perhaps, she can attempt to go back to it."
Holding parents responsible for what they let their children do is great and all, but the really important question I want to ask is: does this mean the mainstream media is shifting away from the "blame the games" mentality?


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I doubt it, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

  2. Four hours a day playing an online game is just freaky why can't they just watch television from 7-11pm every night like a normal person.

    According to Nielson 28 hours a week is the average. I watch about 4-5 hours a week which I think is what most gamers do. I've said it before but the main reason we see so many attacks against games on television is because they are competing forms of entertainment.

  3. On that note btw, DVD sales were absolutely dominated by Game sales in October. Retailers are dropping rack space for DVDs in favor of games.

  4. I watched this Dr. Phil episode and I actually enjoyed it. :) It was about some game that I was thinking was second life but was actually one of those virtual chatroom dealies.

    I felt like Dr. Phil treated the games very fairly! I was really happy. I tottaly expected the show to just be this stupid "scare" kind of TV show.


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