Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not Forever Away

The development team behind Duke Nukem Forever, the poster child for vapourware, will supposedly be releasing a teaser trailer tomorrow.
Developer 3D Realms has publically stated on their official forums that a teaser video for Duke Nukem Forever (in development since 1997) is expected to release tomorrow.

As series co-creator George Broussard put it, "After seeing the teaser we thought it was something we should share with all of you and while it's just a teaser, rest assured more is coming." He went on, "Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, around noon CST, we will release the first teaser trailer from Duke Nukem Forever."
And all I have to say to that is: I've got balls of steel.

UPDATE: They were serious.


  1. I actually had to check and make sure it wasnt April 1st

  2. I think nowadays the wow movie, Escape from Ogrimmar gets mentioned almost as much as Duke Nukem Forever when the topic of vaporware comes up.


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