Thursday, December 27, 2007


It amazes me what can get a player kicked off a gaming server in Team Fortress 2. However, the situation that ended my Team Fortress 2 night early, will never amaze me.

I play on a server run by a "gaming community" fairly regularly and the rules are simple: no cussing or abusive language, no bashing "community" members, and no firing through the starting gates. I have no problem with these and never will, but I decided to break one of them anyways. I called this "gaming community" out for the bunch of unskilled noobs that they are.

Honestly, I was having the worst round of my Team Fortress 2 career, but that was a byproduct of what was really happening on the server. The situation was simple. The "gaming community" had all of their regular members join the same side, team up, and destroy the opponent.

Not so bad right? It is their server, their time, and they have a right to play together. I can go play elsewhere. Yes, I agree.

But, when I called them out for stacking the teams and that it is sad that their "gaming community" would stack teams against random public players, I was kicked. No cuss words, no dirty language, just a straight out call to balance the teams.

To me, a split would have been obvious and may actually show someone that my "gaming community" can do more than just steamroll a random group of players. 10 out of 12 (12 on each team) players were community members on one team. That is easily enough to win every round within seconds without even trying. It is a simple "run to point A, then to point B" (on a capture the point map). However, it is also enough to divide equally amongst the two teams and provide a fair game.

But, fuck everything I just said. I am just whining. Bitching up my latest storm. Fuck me for thinking that sportsmanship has a place in a competitive game.


  1. Anonymous3:58 AM

    but... thats what a gaming community is for, isnt it?

  2. Just for the record. Some folks out there really are about rolling the other side, and getting their own personal jollies off at your expense. Irregardless of whether your having a good game or not.

    Don't feel bad about it at all. Shit happens, but poor publicity is a real bitch.

  3. I understand the idea of a gaming community or clan is to play together, but at the same time I would think there would be an air of competitiveness within the community itself.

    The FPS clan I play CoD4 with will drop a high score in a heartbeat to switch sides in a bad match on a public server. Almost everyone in the clan plays for a challenge, not easy wins.

    This is public server play I'm talking about. Organized play has it's place.

    It really just speaks to the fact that people hate to lose and flipping on that EZ-mode switch is too tempting.

  4. Just picked this game up I may need some pointers. Wont be able to get in till Saturday

  5. First of all, I don't think you have to be good to be a part of a gaming community. Usually you just have to donate some money to the servers, and suck some nerd dick while being treated badly.

    I only speak of what I have experienced in CS (minus the cawk smokin). If I find a pub in cs with more dudes on one team and most of those dudes belonging to the community who owns the server, I will never join their team.

    See, you got kicked for calling them fags, basically (I would've too). I get kicked for calling them fags too, I just do it by raping their newb faces off.

    If they have to stack teams, they can't be that good. If anything, maybe one or two guys are good, and the rest are just suckin those 2 good guys' dicks, and such.


    P.S. my word verification is: "inoes"
    Did you noes that?

  6. I noes what youz be sayinz.

    Unfortunately in TF2, people just group up, throw on four pairs of ubers, and you can do nothing to stop them.

    Uber = invincible for 10 seconds. Of course, you can stop them from building up an uber.... err well... that is if they don't do it in their protected starting area.


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