Sunday, December 16, 2007

Perfect Day

The Green Bay Packers won.
The Dallas Cowboys lost.

Oh, and I received my grades for the Fall semester. Another perfect 4.0. Once again, for the sports fans, that is a 4.0 cumulative GPA over four semesters.

The best part of this 4.0 is my Micro-Economics grade, which was hovering towards a high B, low A at the end of the semester. I needed a near-perfect score on my final exam to come away with an A overall. Fortunately, I owned the test like a fat chick on a twinkie.


  1. That cowboys game was really freaking weird. I am not sure how a team as hapless as the IGGLES can show up and do something that the Packers could not.

  2. I'm a huge Cowboys fan and I don't know what happened to them on Sunday. They played craptastically. I hope they got it out of their system, because if they keep it up their time in the playoffs will be brief indeed.

  3. It's simple Kevin when you have an overrated team with both Romeo and Team Obliterater involved.


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