Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Team Fortress 2 Ownage

I've had some good luck playing Team Fortress 2 since I was kicked off one of my favorite servers the other night. On my new servers of choice I am quickly becoming known as "that guy", because I play very upfront on a server that likes to play "lets set up a camp and farm these newbs". As these screenshots show, my play style usually prevails.



A couple notes:

1. I prefer to play on 32 player servers for the map ctf_2fort. It provides more action and prevents a lot of the quick wins from occurring. On the other maps, I prefer to stick to 24 player servers. ctf_2fort is the only map that I feel comfortably holds 32 players.

2. Instant-spawn sure beats waiting twenty seconds between deaths, but it sort of defeats the purpose of capture-the-point maps.

3. I try to mix up the classes I play. I usually run as a medic for a few minutes to start a match and get a feel for where people are playing. I then focus on playing an engineer offensively, which can really piss people off, while mixing in a few rounds as the other classes.


  1. I was playing an engineer aggressive style as well. Hiding turrets in places and attacking rather than sitting back. Got 13 kills my first game only 8 deaths, did pretty well but I have no idea what the heck Im doing.

  2. I don't hide turrets honestly. I tend to run right into the middle of the fight and lay them down. I don't build a minifort around them, I just ensure I know a fast path for more metal when needed.

    For example, I build a lot of sentry guns on the opposite end of the bridge on ctf_2fort. It is right in the middle, won't last too long, but those few times I get on a 10 or so kill streak more than make up for it.

    Another great place to put them is down in the water on ctf_2fort. People jump in or fall into the water and have no chance of dodging the sentry gun. Also, spies leave little bubbles wherever they travel in the water. Oh, and it is annoying as all hell to run out of the sewer pipe and get owned.

    It takes some getting used to, but after a while, you will be super fast at building up a level 3 gun and defending it. Key to defense: don't just sit there, make strafing runs with your shotgun and be ready to cut back to your SG to repair if needed.


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