Thursday, November 03, 2022

YouTube handle stolen!

  I finally got to pick a Youtube handle and to my disappointment "heartlessgamer" was already claimed.  This is sort of dumb considering I've had this domain and the email for going on 20+ years... you know Gmail from Google and Blogger from Google... you know the same Google that owns Youtube!?  Heck I even had the Google+!!! Why on earth someone else gets to claim the handle is beyond me.

 I'm not really mad; I mostly just watch the tube and don't create any content/videos.  You can find me at (yep; nabbed that underscore!).  If you want the other guy (assume its a guy) they are at

 And to show the universe loves to taunt us heartlessgamers; the other guys twitch features TWO underscores!  Check it out - and for anyone wanting my twitch it is

 I may have to touch base with this dude.  This is fun to follow around the web.

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