Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Call of the Wild: The Angler Hotfix 1.03 Comments

 Call of the Wild: The Angler has released hotfix 1.03 out in the wild (ha!).  There were a few items in the notes I wanted to take a moment to comment on (and since I missed posting yesterday consider this my make up for my post a day commitment).

The first note worth mentioning is under UI.

The option to turn multiplayer off is now saved between game sessions.

Finally!  It was irritating that this option was defaulted to on, but doubly irritating that it had to be turned off again every time you started the game. 

Recommended gear for the optional tutorials now appears as intended in the Game Guide.

It is great that this is being fixed.  If you knew how to turn off tracking and then turn it back on you could get the text to display, but that was not at all an obvious way to get this info to appear.  This was probably the number one reason I saw people asking questions in discord or on Reddit.

Solved an issue that would prevent players from accessing the Quick Menu under specific circumstances.

Look forward to this fix.  Nothing sucked worse than seeing a big ole' fatty of a fish and then not being able to use the quick menu to swap baits for it and by the time you got through the rest of the menus the fish was gone.  I swear that is the only reason I don't have a diamond sauger catch...

 Fixed a number of issues that would cause items to get stuck in the backpack or in storage.

For those of us with the starting rod stuck in our inventory; hooray!

 Fishing under bridges is now possible.

Water under the bridge in my book.

Updated the spawn rate for gold and diamond fishes.

No additional details so not clear if this means we will catch more or less.  My hope is less as you seem to catch gold and diamonds without much effort at all.

And lastly there is a single item in the section on Multiplayer fixes:


  • Changed the default number of players populating servers from 10 to 8 (maximum server capacity remains 12 players).

Dev Team’s Notes: Bringing a definitive solution to the multiplayer issues is no small task and requires more development time. It's one of our top priorities at the moment. In the meantime, this small tweak should make it easier for players to join their friends online.

I still am not sure this will do anything.  I have literally clicked the Join Friend's Game button hundreds of times and never has it brought me to the same map as they are on regardless of if there is room on it or not.  I really just want an option to host a private map and invite my only friend to fish with me.

Fixing multiplayer has to be the priority for this team.  It is killing the community buzz on the game.

Are you playing Angler?  If so what are your thoughts?

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