Saturday, September 17, 2022

Goal: 1 Comment

 With the return to blogging regularly I have made the decision to axe my old DISQUS set up for comments.  With this a new goal: have a single comment left to prove to me comments work.  Challenge is on all three of you that see this.


  1. I really hate DISQUS. I gave up trying to leave comments on blogs that use it years ago because it was so frustrating. This is so much better. Oh, and welcome back to regular blogging!

  2. Glad to be back Bhagpuss. DISQUS was a good solution when I first used it because the moderation capability it offered was superior and it did help generate referral traffic to the blog. However, to your point, it did block some folks from commenting as it required some extra steps.

  3. Getting out of control now.


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