Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Gamer Lady Plays New World

 For the second day of Blaugust 2023 we are checking in on Gamer Lady who logged back in to play some New World.

I am happy to say that Amazon has made some significant changes to New World and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much fun I’ve been having. 

 Gamer Lady is still in the leveling process (level 38) so is not in the end game loops.  She is also going through the updated main story quest which she is giving positive nods towards.  Personally I didn't like the changed questline as it's very different than the original, but glad to see others enjoying it.

 I also have to chuckle a bit as early in the post she explains "you’ll know that inventory management is a big deal for me when it comes to enjoying a game" and then later "The gear drops also feel generous and I’ve been able to pick up and try out every type of weapon in the game as I’ve done quests."  

 Oh my sweet summer child! Eventually that generosity of drops turns into inventory management hell as in the end game New World drops so much crap that takes up space and has to be dealt with that there is no doubt a number of players that have quit over having to deal with inventory management!

 Anyways; Blaugust rolls on.  Jump over and say hey to Gamer Lady.

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