Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Lessons Learned: Patience Is Rewarded - New World: Rise of the Angry Earth!

Update: After posting this the New World team also posted a news article covering tons of details.  Check it out here

Original post below...

 Blaugust rolls on and today's lesson learned is: patience pays off.  Yesterday there was some frustration in the New World community with a developer update that basically said "wait until next week".  But they tricked us because the avalanche of information started TODAY with back to back videos from the New World team.  To say I am excited is a vast understatement and I am so glad I held back any complaints about the dev update.  My patience has been rewarded!

 The first video is the Balance of Power update which covered a ton of changes coming to the game.  I can't do justice to all of the changes in this post so I will link to the video and let folks consume it.  I will be posting more about individual aspects over the next few weeks as we learn more.  I am really excited for the changes though and in summary is "less, but more meaningful loot + new ways to get the gear you want".

 The second video, which just a cinematic, is the real HYPE video in my book. Not only is it a great cinematic for the expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, but it reveals some key pieces of information.

  • Some big bads from the Angry Earth invasion
  • A peak at the new weapon: the Flail
  • A peak at mounts; we saw a wolf mount and a mastodon-like elephant mount
  • Maybe a hint at not only mounts but animal companions / pets?
  • A possible new enemy type and/or race maybe - there was a Minotaur-looking character featured
  • Launch is 10/3

Watch the video below! 

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