Wednesday, August 16, 2023


 I wanted to use Creator Appreciation Week for Blaugust 2023 to hit some areas adjacent to my current areas.  One of those adjacent areas was music; specifically music that is made for and encouraged for content creators to use.  NEFFEX is one of those musical talents contributing to the greater content ecosystem and is a favorite for many video game content creators.

 NEFFEX produces copyright free songs (a mix of metal/rock/rap) and actively encourages content creators to make use of them (as they say in every video description: CREATORS - DOWNLOAD AND USE THIS SONG COPYRIGHT-FREE).  I first ran into them watching some New World PvP video montages.  Their song Tough really fits the theme of PvP action.  Tough is also my favorite NEFFEX song; take a listen below.

 If you are in search of music for a video NEFFEX has hundreds of songs for you to choose from; give them a listen.

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