Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Lessons Learned: Next Week

 It looks like Blaugust 2023 is going to finish out before we get the big expansion news for New World.  How do we know?  Because the most recent developer update from Amazon Game Studios, the makers of New World, can be summed up by the phrase "next week".

 There is a good summary of the video on Reddit: here.  But really the answer is "next week" as the team dodged many of the pressing community questions stating that we'll get answers next week with the Season 3 + expansion announcements.  I sort of give credit to the team willing to put out this video knowing that so many answers were "next week" and the community feedback wouldn't be that great.

 Lesson Learned: Be patient.

 Personally I think it's an odd week to try and plan any major announcements.  Starfield will be dominating the gaming community buzz so it will be hard to elbow out space for any other major news.  I know I'll be planets deep in Starfield and not as invested in New World next week.  I imagine many others will be as well.

 With that said I am excited for the announcement(s) and what the team is bringing us.  We know there will be the expansion, mounts, major perk reworks, combat balance changes, and the dreaded details of the "New World gear reset".  I just may be delayed getting around to viewing depending on how awesome Starfield is :)

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