Monday, August 28, 2023

New World: Finished ALL Ultimate Trophies!

 It is done.  All 9 ultimate trophies are MINE in New World!  A quick rundown of what that means

  • 900,000 (100k ea) faction tokens earned and spent
  • 405,000 (45k ea) gold spent on Ultimate trophy component
  • All major trophies (500k+ gold estimate)
    • 18x Major Combat
    • 15x Major Crafting
    • 15x Major Gathering

 So what has almost a million gold bought me?  Not much to be honest but the satisfaction that crawled across my face finishing this was unmistakable. With that said here are a few benefits:

  • I never have to travel between houses again just to change trophies out; this is honestly the biggest aspect of these trophies and about the only reason to get them.
  • I can have all tertiary bonus trophies active: 3x major loot luck and the thanksgiving trophy
  • I have an open trophy slot now so ready for a future trophy

 As I said "not much".  There is also a big downside though: the ultimate trophies are bound to the player so cannot be resold/traded once crafted. Major trophies were NOT bound so have the advantage of being able to be "borrowed" by others or sold off if no longer being used.  Personally I don't trust anyone to borrow my stuff in a virtual world and secondly I don't get rid of stuff.

 Here are some screenshots to go with this.

new world ultimate trophies
Count 'em - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9!

new world ultimate trophies windsward house
Trophies on my Windsward house


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