Thursday, August 24, 2023

Staying Motivated for Starfield

 For Blaugust 2023 "staying motivated" week I also wanted to touch on Starfield as it is right around the corner (8/31 for early access, 9/5 for regular folks).  The game is shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime launch and every passing day requires more and more motivation to be ready for it!


  Outside of the fact that Bethesda is a huge name in the gaming world what caught my attention most about Starfield is the scope.  There are other games like, No Man's Sky, that compete on scope but for me the ship sailed on No Man's Sky with its subpar launch (though all reports are now it is a really great game with lots of updates).

 Seeing the early gameplay trailers and deep dives on systems for Starfield I was blown away by things like building your own ship module by module only to be followed up by "oh and you can collect your own crew to have on the ship".  Then you can take your starship to a thousand different planets (honestly once these games get past like 10 planets it doesn't matter if its 1,000 or 100,000).  On top of this there will be fully fledged storyline!

 Then there are things like building bases and factories to make you stuff. There is resource gathering and combat.  All of it affected by a planet's gravity and other environmental variables.  Honestly the only thing that caught me off guard that is not included in the game is ground vehicles but I can let that slide if I can just hop in my starship and fly around a planet.

 I am trying to control my hype here.  This is going to be a massive launch and I expect problems; no doubt some interconnected online service the game relies on will hiccup.  Additionally it is a solo game with no multiplayer and my history is I fizzle out on solo games (but surely Starfield will be different).  So I need to keep myself motivated because I really, really want this game to be everything it is being hyped up to be as it looks very, very fun.

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