Friday, August 18, 2023

Podcasts I Listen To

 For Blaugust 2023 Creator Appreciation Week I wanted to share the podcasts I am currently listening to and fair warning; I listen to A LOT of podcasts (2x speed baby!).

Tech and News

  • This Week in Tech
    • The Screensavers TV show defined the tech nerd that I am today.  Decades later I am still listening to Leo Laporte on This Week in Tech which is now an entire company with many tech-centric shows and podcasts.
  • Up First by NPR
    • My daily news podcast
  • The Indicator
    • From NPR; covers news through the lens of indicators like government jobs reports
  • Planet Money
    • From NPR; covers all sorts of topics in the news through an economic lens
  • POD Save America
    • A no-bullshit conversation about politics.


  • Business Wars
    • Nintendo vs Sony?  Google vs Apple?  Crypto Wars? Listen to how businesses fight/fought it out.  One of my favorites.
  • Freakonomics Radio
    • Born from the Freakonomics books. This podcast will change how you think about the world.
  • Serial
    • Broken into seasons; Season 1 is stellar.  2-5 are still worth a listen.
  • Writing Excuses
    • Authors, including Brandon Sanderson sometimes, talk shop about writing books; mostly Sci Fi and Fantasy.
  • Fish Nerds
    • Whether you are fly fishing in a stream getting those ankles wet or deep in the ocean casting nets; fish nerds, fish nerds.  It's a podcast.  Just for the halibut.  All things fish, fishing, and eating fish (and the catchiest intro song)!
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    • Dan Carlin doesn't post often but when he does it is an event. Get ready for 6+ hour episodes covering all sorts of historical eras.  His various series around WW2 are masterpieces.
Gardening Podcasts

Green Bay Packers

Gaming Podcasts

Favorite "one time" Podcasts

  • S-Town
    • My all time favorite podcast series.  This is a roller coaster of a story and an emotional ride.
  • Spellcaster
    • At top of mind considering the crypto boom and bust; covers the story of Sam Bankman Fraud (SBF)
  • Welcome to Dreamtown: Adelanto 
    • Listing due to it being recently released and I really enjoyed it.  Story of a small town and mary J.
  • HBO's Chernobyl Podcast
    • HBO's Chernobyl mini series is an amazing show to watch.  The podcast is a perfect companion and I highly recommend it to anyone that watched the show.

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