Sunday, August 27, 2023

Lessons Learned: Final Thoughts on Linus Tech Tips

 It is ironic how the Linus Tech Tips saga mapped out to the Blaugust 2023 plan.  Started in the "creator appreciation week" and now wrapping up in the "lessons learned week" with: Here's the plan.  This will likely be my last commentary on this saga and can be summed up by: right message; wrong messenger.

 Before we get to the "right message" I want to note that I found the start of the video as a microcosm of what I see as the issue: the cult of Linus.  Linus starts by talking about being chewed out by his boss which he makes out to be the LTT community.  Linus Media Group (LMG) is a company with a CEO and that CEO is not Linus.  Linus' boss is in fact not the community; it is the leadership of LMG.  This is part and parcel of why there is a problem; Linus continues to treat this as though he's a small content creator on Youtube instead of letting the 100+ company that is LMG be a company.

 With the start out of the way I want to address the "wrong messenger".  I ask the question: is this Linus or is this Linus Media Group?  Like I said about the apology video we need to hear from the LMG CEO and not the personality of Linus.  Linus has avenues, such as the WAN Show podcast, to get his updates out.

 With that said I do want to acknowledge that the underlying message was the right message (finally).  The right changes are hopefully going to happen.  LMG seems like a fun place to work (though that "cool work place" may be part of the issues with employees feeling overworked -- no one wants to lose the "cool job").  

 I do wish them luck in their goals but right now I can't get past the apology video and the "cult of Linus".  I may watch a video that pops up in my feed but I will view it as a corporate production vs how I see most Youtube video content.  The LTT that was no longer exists.

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