Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Summary of New World's Balance in Power Update

 This post is a placeholder for the summary of the recent Balance of Power update from the New World developers.  I will be referencing back to this post for my commentary over the next few days.  


Stuff from the news post on the New World site.


Price Discover Aeternum’s next chapter for $29.99.

 For Resilience, we’ve added crit reduction to all players via the equip load effects (Light -15%, Medium -20%, Heavy -25%). Current items with this perk will receive the “Health” perk instead which increases the player’s health as a certain percentage of their base health.

Capture new Influence Towers and strike down enemy Factions in open world combat for territorial supremacy. Each Faction will compete for Influence in specific zones during scheduled times. If an attacking Faction earns enough Influence through PvP Missions, Influence Towers, and Forts before the race ends, they’ll receive bonus rewards, plus the opportunity to declare War. If the defending Faction prevents the attackers from scoring enough Influence within the time limit, they’ll earn bonus rewards for both the Influence Race and the next War. Regardless of who wins, the attacking Faction with the most influence can escalate the conflict into War.

To further improve Mutations as an endgame activity, we’ve revamped the experience for level 65 players. As a result, you will need to purchase Rise of the Angry Earth and max out your character level to enter Mutated Expeditions. Based on player feedback, Mutations will have 3 difficulties and a weekly limit of 100 Mutations. This added accessibility means less time waiting for groups and more opportunities for players to help less experienced Adventurers.
Players can also look forward to more desirable endgame rewards. For example, players that complete Elite Mutations will have a chance to earn Artifacts. Here’s the difficulty breakdown.
Intermediate: Requires 650 gear, includes Mutation
Hard: Requires 675 gear, includes Mutation and Promotion
Elite: Requires 700 gear, includes Mutation, Promotion, and Curses


Mostly gathered from this Reddit thread.

Anxiety about Spending Umbral Shards:

  • Players have anxiety about spending hard-earned Umbral shards.

  • Items will now drop at appropriate higher item levels based on the content being played.

  • No need to invest extra resources to level up items.

Expertise System Removal:

  • Expertise system posed an additional barrier after reaching Level 60.

  • Players needed to invest time and effort to increase expertise for different gear slots.

  • This system slowed down gear progression and caused frustration.

  • Devs recognized the disconnect between player experience and the expertise system.

  • Decision made to completely remove the expertise system in Season Three.

New Approach to Gear Progression:

  • Players will no longer need to grind expertise for different gear slots.

  • Items will drop at higher item levels based on the content being played.

  • Players can access higher-level gear more naturally and smoothly.

  • Focus on aligning gear progression with players' engagement in the game's content.

Benefits of Removal:

  • Streamlined gear progression process after Level 60.

  • Eliminates the need for additional grinding to unlock gear potential.

  • Offers a more intuitive and rewarding approach to acquiring better equipment.

  • Reduces frustration and friction often associated with the expertise system.

Player-Centric Enhancement:

  • Removal of expertise system reflects devs' responsiveness to player feedback.

  • Aims to provide a more enjoyable and engaging gear progression experience.

  • Allows players to focus on content rather than the grind for expertise.

  • Creates a more balanced and enjoyable endgame gear acquisition process.

Umbral Upgrading Changes:

  • Concerns about spending valuable Umbral shards.

  • Items will drop at higher item levels, reducing anxiety.

  • No need to invest additional resources for leveling up items.

Inventory Management Improvement:

  • Currently, players receive too much loot after content.

  • Goal is to provide less loot but make it more meaningful.

  • Introducing "Loop Biasing" to tailor loot drops to player attributes and preferences.

Chase Items and Artifacts:

  • Introducing impactful and unique "Chase Items."

  • Artifacts with unique perks can drop from various sources.

  • Named enemies, dungeons, PVP reward track, etc.

Crafting Changes:

  • Crafting process involves too much RNG.

  • Introducing fixed gear scores when crafting.

  • Adding an item called "Prismatic Scarab" for custom crafting.

  • Crafters can create items with specific attributes and perks.

Perk Changes:

  • Analyzed existing perks for usefulness and engagement.

  • Removing underutilized perks and adding new ones.

  • Making perk selection more meaningful and dynamic.

Level and Gear Score Increases:

  • Level cap raised to 65.

  • More attribute points gained through leveling and gear.

  • Introduction of attribute threshold bonuses.

Artifact Discussion:

  • Artifacts are unique gear score 700 items.

  • Drop from named enemies and various content.

  • Unique perk with a quest to unlock additional perks.

Crafting Enhancements:

  • Fixed gear scores when crafting.

  • "Asth Inductor" guarantees gear score 700.

  • "Prismatic Scarab" for crafting custom items.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Introducing tournaments and mounts.


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