Monday, August 14, 2023

New World Content Creators I Follow

 As part of Blaugust 2023's Creator Appreciation Week I wanted to share a hit list of New World content creators that I follow.

new world

 The bedrock of the New World content creators is the team over at StudioLoot (formerly New World Fans).  BDLG and Redbyrd were following and podcasting about the game years before we saw a launch and since launch have been the recognized stewards of the community.  Redbyrd has pulled away from the game recently, but BDLG continues to be active.  As far as I can tell their New World To Go podcast is the only New World podcast left standing.

 The next set of creators I want to surface are the folks over at M11 who put together the top PvE builds after every patch.  If you are looking to do well in PvE mutated expeditions look no further than the build and guides at

 If the concept of "territory wars as a spectator sport" interests you then I will direct you to the one and only YaBoiWilly on Twitch.  He is a prominent shoutcaster for all things New World wars.  It has been awesome to see his enthusiasm for the game pay off in the streaming content world.  He has been doing it longer than anyone I know.

 Next here are a few generalist Youtubers that are always on top of New World updates:

 Last I wanted to copy over a list of "PvP build Youtubers" that I dumped on a Reddit reply; all of these folks are worth following if you want to get into PvP builds for New World.  Copied in full, without edits, below:

For PvP it is harder because so many possible builds are viable but a few stand out above the rest and then build X works in one mode like OPR but not in another like arenas. Ultimately I have yet to find any reliable build websites for accurate PvP info so instead rely on a collection of youtubers

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